4 bays of new longspan warehouse shelving (2000mm high x 900mm deep x 2700mm wide 3 shelves)

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4 bays of new longspan warehouse shelving

Longspan warehouse shelving is a strong, versatile and fully adjustable system for storing hand loaded goods.

This item is a single run of 4 bays, each with 3 shelving levels, comprising:

5 upright blue frames 2000mm high x 900mm deep. Frames are supplied assembled and include 2 fixing bolts and 2 levelling plates.

24 horizontal orange beams 2700mm long. Beams include locking pins as standard.

12 chipboard shelves 2650mm long x 895mm deep x 18mm thick

60 chipboard support bars

The total length of the run is 11060mm.

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