Magnetic Label Holder




Magnetic label holder

Our magnetic label holder are ideal for any location where regular changes are required and suitable for use in cold stores. These holders are available in a wide range of sizes and are supplied with white card inserts and a cover strip. Printed inserts (such as barcodes and location codes) and special sizes are also available on request.

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Up to 45% discount available

Discount will be applied to the label holder list price at the checkout, dependent on the total value of the order.

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15mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 20mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 25mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 30mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 40mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 50mm x 80mm (Pack of 100), 60mm x 100mm (Pack of 100), 60mm x 200mm (Pack of 50), 70mm x 100mm (Pack of 100), 70mm x 200mm (Pack of 50), 15mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 20mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 25mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 30mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 40mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 50mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 60mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 70mm x 500mm (Pack of 20), 15mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 20mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 25mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 30mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 40mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 50mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 60mm x 1M (Pack of 10), 70mm x 1M (Pack of 10)