New AR Longspan Shelving – Starter Bay



This offer is for new AR Longspan Shelving – Starter Bay

Call us 0800 612 3210 or use our enquiry form for more details or if the configuration you need is not available.

Please select height and depth of frames required.

Each bay is equipped with 3 shelves.

Beam sizes range from 950mm to 2400mm.

Shelves come with 18mm thick chipboard

Colours: Frames are blue and beams are orange

Frames are supplied fully assembled.

If you wish to add additional bays you can find extension bays here.

Additional shelves or other components can be found here.

0800 612 3210 or use our enquiry form

Get in touch if:

  • you want to discuss your requirements with us.
  • you need different beam lengths or weight loadings.
  • you need a large amount of racking
  • the product you need is showing as unavailable.


Additional information

Frame Height

2000mm, 2500mm

Frame Depth

600mm, 900mm

Beam Length

950mm, 1500mm, 1850mm, 2400mm

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