New AR Pallet Racking – Extension Bay




New AR pallet racking extension bay

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This extension bay is for new AR pallet racking starter bays.

Please select height and depth of frames required.

Extension bay is equipped with 2 beams levels.

Choose between 1350mm beams(1000kg UDL) or 2700mm beams(2000kg UDL)

Standard UK pallets (stored 1200mm across x 1000mm deep) are usually stored on a 900mm deep frame

Euro pallets (stored 800mm across x 1200mm deep) are usually stored on an 1100mm deep frame

Pallets stored correctly will overhang 50mm front and back from racking.

Colours: Frames are silver and beams are orange

Frames are supplied fully assembled.

5 Working day delivery.

0800 612 3210 or use our enquiry form

Get in touch if:

  • you want to discuss your requirements with us.
  • you need a large amount of racking
  • the product you need is showing as unavailable.


Additional information

Frame Height

2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm

Frame Depth

900mm, 1100mm

Beam Length

1350mm, 2700mm