QuickSpan beam inc. clips



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QuickSpan beam inc. clips

  • Material – steel
  • Finish – powder coated
  • Colour – RAL 2004 (orange)
  • Dimensions – variable, see options below
  • Discount – automatically added at checkout
  • Availability – usually 2-7 working days

Warehouse shelving beams fit between two frames to create a level. They are designed with a flange to allow chipboard or steel shelves to fit securely in place without the need for clips or bolts.

Max Loading per pair

950mm – 1075kg

1150mm – 900kg

1350mm – 775kg

1500mm – 650kg

1850mm – 790kg

2250mm – 660kg

2400mm – 505kg

2700mm – 430kg

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Up to 45% discount available

Discount will be applied to the QuickSpan beams list price at the checkout, dependent on the total order value.

Additional information


950mm (Load capacity 1075kg UDL), 1150mm (Load capacity 900kg UDL), 1350mm (Load capacity 775kg UDL), 1500mm (Load capacity 650kg UDL), 1850mm (Load capacity 790kg UDL), 2250mm (Load capacity 660kg UDL), 2400mm (Load capacity 505kg UDL), 2700mm (Load capacity 430kg UDL)

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