Social Distance Floor Stencil Kit

List Price: £95.00


For use in external areas – our social distance floor stencil kit creates bold and highly visible floor graphics to clearly highlight social distancing requirements. Space them 2m apart (using the provided ruler) in queueing areas and workplaces.

  • Overall size 400mm x 500mm
  • Choose from 4 stencil kits
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Available with red, yellow or white paint

Each kit comes with 1 stencil, 1 ruler, 2 cans of paint and a hand held applicator.
Choose from 4 different stencils and 3 different paint colours.
Ideal for outside retailers, supermarkets,
post offices, banks, pharmacies, public parks, bus stops and many more…


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Additional information

Stencil Style

Kit 1, 2m with arrow, Kit 2, Keep your distance, Kit 3, 2m with people, Kit 4, Please stand here

Spray Colour

Red, White, Yellow