Speedrack New pallet racking bays



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Speedrack new pallet racking bays offer

New pallet racking bays in single continuous runs with three beam levels per bay, comprising:

Upright frames (fully assembled and with footplates) 6000mm x 900mm.

Beams (inc. locking pins) 2700mm x 2 tonne UDL.

Total length of run of two bays 5640mm, add 2780mm for each additional bay.

Price includes delivery to any UK mainland postcode.

Offer only while stock is available.

Other sizes and quantities of frames and beam are available at standard pricing. If you have specific requirements that this offer doesn’t meet, please go to the other SpeedRack options in the shop.

If you can’t find the product or service you’re looking for, get in touch on 0800 612 3210 or send us a message on our enquiry form.

Up to 45% discount available

Additional information

Number of bays

2 bays (3 frames 12 beams), 3 bays (4 frames 18 beams), 4 bays (5 frames 24 beams), 5 bays (6 frames 30 beams), 6 bays (7 frames 36 beams), 7 bays (8 frames 42 beams), 8 bays (9 frames 48 beams), 9 bays (10 bays 54 beams), 10 bays (11 frames 60 beams)