Used Link 51 pallet racking beam




Used Link 51 Link XL pallet racking beam

All our Link 51 Link XL used pallet racking beams are supplied with two beam locks as standard. All orders are checked to make sure they meet SEMA guidelines before dispatch.

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Up to 45% discount available

Discount will be applied to the used Link 51 Link XL pallet racking beam list price at the checkout, dependent on total order value.

*(Colour of the used Link 51 pallet racking beams may vary from photo subject to stock)

Additional information


1350mm, 2250mm, 2625mm, 2700mm, 2750mm, 3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm

Loading Capacity

1 Tonne UDL, 2 Tonne UDL, 3 Tonne UDL

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