Warehouse step over mini steps

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Warehouse step over mini steps

Warehouse step over mini steps are a lightweight step for use in the office/storeroom. Fitted with spring loaded self weight retractable castors, step onto the step and all four rubber feet impact with the floor to immobilise the step and give maximum stability. With anti-slip PVC or rubber treads for maximum grip.

Both the two and three tread options have a 400mm wide platform (the total width of the unit is 490mm).

Small spring loaded castors for easy single operator

Platform heights from 500mm to 750mm

Anti-slip PVC or rubber treads for maximum grip

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Additional information

Platform height

0500mm (2 treads), 0750mm (3 treads)


Blue RAL:5005, Green RAL:6018, Grey RAL:7046, Orange RAL:2008, Red RAL:3020, Yellow RAL: 1003


Anti-Slip PVC, Punched metal, Rubber covered