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New longspan industrial shelving

New longspan industrial shelving – Deal of the week

New longspan industrial shelving Our QuickSpan new longspan industrial shelving is a versatile method of storing hand loaded goods. It is easy to put together with adjustable shelf heights. This offer will give you a run of 3 bays with a total length of 7408mm. The shelving comprises: 4 frames 3000mm x 600mm. 30 beams (inc. locking pins) 2400mm. […]

Used PSS Heavy Duty Shelving

Used PSS Heavy Duty Shelving – Deal of the week

Used PSS Heavy Duty Shelving – Deal of the week This offer is for 2 runs of 3 bays of used PSS heavy duty shelving, with 3 shelves per bay, comprising: 8 frames 2000mm x 600mm. 36 beams (inc. locking pins) 1850mm. 18 chipboard decks 1840mm x 600mm x 25mm. to create 2 runs of 3 bays with 3 shelving levels. […]