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How much used pallet racking do I need?

If you’ve never bought used pallet racking before, or you have a new storage area and don’t know how to calculate how much pallet storage you can fit in it, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs. If you can send us some or all of the following information, we […]

Dexion Racking, Tyre Racking

Dexion Racking and so much more

Dexion Racking and so much more. Dexion racking is probably the thing that we are asked for most often. However, Dexion is just one of many used pallet racking systems that we have in stock in a wide range of sizes and duties (and even Dexion has 2 different racking systems- Dexion Speedlock and Dexion […]

Used wire mesh decking, used PSS pallet racking

Used PSS pallet racking

Used PSS pallet racking We have huge quantities of used PSS pallet racking in stock at fantastic prices. This is a strong and versatile warehouse racking system can be used for hand loaded storage or to store pallets. Upright frames are available from 1800mm to 7350mm high. They can be braced to 450mm deep for […]