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Buy used pallet racking

Buy second pallet racking here or call us on 0800 612 3210 We aways have large amounts of quality racking available to fulfil orders of any size.

Sell used pallet racking

We buy pallet racking and warehouse equipment from companies that no longer need it. They may be downsizing or closing a branch or moving to a purpose built location.  We will assess the condition and make an offer if it good enough quality.  If you have racking to sell please get in touch here or call us on 0800 612 3210

Advantages of used pallet racking


For jobs of all sizes from a couple of bays to full warehouses the price difference between new and used racking can be considerable. Call us on 0800 612 3210 or send an enquiry 


All our pallet racking is checked to SEMA specifications and no pallet racking is sent out that is not fit for its intended use.  We can provide load notices in accordance with HSE guidelines and advise on rack safety inspections as and when required.

Visual appearance

Used Racking will range from ‘almost new’ to ‘well used’ with no practical difference in performance.   We understand that you want your warehouse to look the part so where necessary we will clean, respray and remove stickers.  There will be signs of use and some stickers remaining but we can always provide pictures before ordering if required

Speed/lead time

Depending on how busy we are orders are usually ready to send out within 2-3 weeks of ordering, If you need it quicker than this just let us know and we will always try to accommodate.  By Comparison new pallet racking can take up to 10-15 weeks from order


We send our pallet racking frames out to you fully assembled and with footplates attached, This enables a quick and easy installation and minimises your operational downtime.  

New racking is delivered in component form with frames requiring assembly on site, increasing installation cost and duration.

Environmental Impact

We have a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by sourcing ethically and wherever possible locally. We have a dedicated programme to reuse, refurbish and recycle.


We have hundreds of satisfied return customers because we pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable team.  We don’t expect our customers to have any prior knowledge of pallet racking or any other warehouse products,  we offer guidance on the best products and can draw plans and provide images so that you understand the products we recommend. 


We deliver to all of mainland uk as standard and can arrange for deliveries to Ireland and other offshore locations if necessary.  We use local haulage companies that are experienced in handling pallet racking. We would normally expect you to unload large items with a forklift but if this isn’t possible let us know and we can make different delivery arrangements. 


We have teams available to install right across the UK and can happily quote this for you.