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Change of Address

Our main office has moved, but only over the road! Our new office address is Star House, road and postcode remain the same.


UK Racking Deliveries

We are really busy at this time of year, with lots of orders going in before the end of the financial year and with new budgets for the next financial year. New and used pallet racking is coming and going from our warehouses every week, and we can usually offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses. Email us with your requirements now and we’ll send a low price quote as soon as we can.


Used Pallet Racking

We specialise in quality used pallet racking and can deliver anywhere in the UK mainland. We currently have in stock a good supply of second hand Dexion, Stow, Redirack, Hilo, Link and Esmena warehouse racking, fill in an enquiry form for our best price.


Clip Together Shelving

If you are looking for cheap but effective storage for your office, workshop or warehouse then our clip together shelving is a fantastic solution. With many size options and extra shelves available, these easy to build units are ready to despatch quickly and can be delivered anywhere in the UK mainland. We have some bargain offers available on this type of shelving, so get in touch while stocks last!


New Longspan Shelving

Our new Quickspan shelving is fantastic for hand loaded storage in a warehouse, manufacturing or archive environment. Available in a wide range of sizes, and for delivery anywhere in the UK mainland, let us know what you need using the Longspan quote form and we’ll get back to you with a great price.


Racking Accessories

If you are looking for a supplier of quality racking accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Our warehouse near Leeds, West Yorkshire has an extensive range of column guards and barrierstimber decks and pallet support bars for delivery anywhere in the UK.


UK Racking Deliveries


Lots of orders going out in the next 10 days, so if you have an order to place and you are in London, Glasgow, Nottingham, Gloucester, Liverpool, Coventry or Huddersfield get in touch now for a great delivered price.


Barriers and Posts
Protect your people, equipment and resources with our range of warehouse barriers and posts. Take a look here- warehouse barriers and posts


Update 20/02/2013


We are currently offering some amazing discounts on used Shaeffer, BS and Link warehouse shelving. Send us your details on an enquiry form now as stock is limited!


Update 13/02/2013
We have deliveries going to Leeds, Bristol, London, Manchester, Coventry and Nottingham this week. If you have an order for that area, contact us now and we may be able to offer FREE DELIVERY.


Expert advice on racking and shelving projects


We can help you plan, implement and install new racking and shelving projects. Take a look at some example racking projects and then send us as many details as you can using one of our enquiry forms


Update 08/02/2013


Check out our growing range of trucks, trolleys and mechanical handling solutions, available to order NOW!


Used Longspan Shelving 06/02/2013


We have large quantities of great quality used PSS Longspan shelving available at great prices. Call us or send us an enquiry


Update 21/01/2013


We have large quantities of used pallet racking in Metal SistemStowRedirack and Dexion P90 Silverline, all in excellent condition. Let us know your requirements by filling in a Quote Form.

Archive Shelving 23/11/2012


Our Longspan shelving and our rolled edge systems are ideal for file and archive box storage.


AR SISTEMAS 19/11/2012


Use our quick quote forms for best prices on AR SISTEMAS LONGSPAN or AR SISTEMAS PALLET RACKING


Clip Together Shelving Stock Clearance 14/11/12


We are offering a further discount on all clip-together shelving systems.


Update 8/11/12

We have pallet racking deliveries going to Leeds, London, Hull, York, Newcastle, Liverpool and Birmingham next week, if you have orders for these areas let us know quick an dwe may be able to offer free delivery.


Barriers and Posts 24/10/12


Check out our new range of Protective Barriers and Posts, for pallet racking protection, pedestrian access and for protecting machinery from fork lifts or pallet trucks.


Used Longspan Shelving


We have just received a huge amount of superb quality Used Longspan Shelving give us a call while stocks last.


Used Pallet Racking

Use our quick quote form for our latest stock and prices on second hand warehouse racking.


Mobile Warehouse Safety steps

Have a look at our new range of access equipment, from mobile steps for use in a heavy duty warehouse environment, order picking from shelving or pallet racking, or for lighter duty office or storeroom use.  If you need something to your own specifications we can make bespoke items to order.



We have Scheduled deliveries to Liverpool, Southampton, Portsmouth, Norwich and London next week so if you have orders for these areas get them in quick.


Update 7/8/2012

We have huge amounts of superb quality used pallet racking ready to go.  We currently have large stocks ofRedirackDexion Speedlock including a large quantity of 3300mm (3.3m) clear entry beams, Stow and Link 51 XL


Happy Easter! 05/04/12

Wow what a busy build up to easter! lots of you getting orders in before the bank holiday. If any of you need quick quotes for used pallet racking going to Leeds, Bradford, London, Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield get them in quick as we have already scheduled deliveries.


Cantilever Racking 23/03/12

For cantilever racking enquiries use our contact form and we will get back to you quickly.


Bolted Shelving 22/03/12

Our range of heavy duty bolted shelving is available in many sizes and incorporates heavy duty british standard steel shelves

Use our quick quote form to select required dimensions.


Cupboards 16/03/12

Have a look at our sturdy and practical range of industrial cupboards choose from a variety of strong colours to suit your working environment.



Cabinets 16/03/12

We are delighted to present our new range of specialist cabinets. View the full range here


The following specialist cabinets are available

General Cabinets
Acid/Alkaline Cabinets
Hazardous Cabinets
Medical Cabinets
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Cabinets
Toxic Cabinets


Used Pallet Racking 02/03/12

We are taking into stock a lot of the following call us or Send Us An Enquiry

Redirack frames 900mm deep

Redirack beams 2700mm x 2 tonne UDL

Redirack beams 2650mm x 2 tonne UDL

Redirack beams 3200mm x 2 tonne UDL

Redirack beams 4000mm x 2 tonne UDL

Link 51 frames 900mm or 1100mm deep

Link 51 beams 2670mm x 2 tonne UDL

Link 51 beams 2625mm x 2 tonne UDL

Link 51 beams 2550mm x 2.5 tonne UDL

We also have a large amount of Dexion Speedlock arriving shortly.

Clip together shelving 23/02/12

Our new range of easy to assemble clip together shelving is in stock and ready to go. Watch this space as more sizes are coming soon.


Second hand warehouse pallet racking 19/01/12

We are having a really busy January so far –  Lots of people looking for great deals on new and used racking and we are not dissapointing! We currently have large stocks of Apex , Dexion , Hilo, Link 51 and Redirack.  If you have any to sell send us a message or give us a call.


Happy New Year! Lots more discount offers 04/01/12

We have added hundreds of special offer bundles on our new heavy duty pallet racking.  Just hover over ‘new speedlock pallet racking’ on the left hand menu or just send us a quick enquiry and we will send you our best price.


Chipboard UDL capacities 10/10/11

As requested we have added a chipboard loading capacity table for you.  For extra support when using with Quickspan shelving use Quickspan chipboard support bars. For additional support when used with pallet racking use pallet racking support bars and chipboard location clips

We buy used pallet racking 25/08/11

If you are looking for a warehouse pallet racking buyer call us on 0800 612 3210 or send us a message here pallet racking buyer


Heavy duty clip-together shelving 28/07/11

Our new range of clip together warehouse shelving is a great medium duty option for factories, warehouses, storerooms and workshops and is very easy to assemble.


More Stock Great Prices 15/07/11

Looking for cheap used pallet racking in great condition? We have a lot of stock and are offering big discounts on large and small orders. Get a quote here


Decking Levels 12/07/11

If you need decking levels for your racking there are several options.

Timber Decking – Economical and sturdy option. an open boarded timber deck sits on the beams and timber batons prevent movement.

Wire Mesh Decking – Heavy duty mesh shelf with long life span, great product visibility, no fire hazard

Chipboard – Strong flat surface prevents small items falling through.  Use with chipboard location clips to prevent movement and support bars to improve weight loading. Available in standard duty (18mm) or heavy duty (25mm)


Drive-in Pallet Racking 11/07/11

Drive in Pallet Racking maximises storage space when storing homogenous products. Our system can be used as a last in first out system (drive in) or as a first in first out system (drive through)


What type of pallet racking do I have? 11/07/11

Identify pallet racking brands here .  It is important that you correctly identify pallet racking as no two systems are compatible.


More Products 30/06/11

We are still adding products regularly to the website but if you cant see what you’re loking for we can probably provide it for you just let us know what you want here.  Latest products to be added are fork entry bars and pallet support bars


SpeedRack Pallet Racking System 29/06/11

Our new SpeedRack Pallet Racking has a wide range of sizes, load capacities and accessories. It is an economical Heavy Duty Pallet Racking system. get a quick quote


Longspan Shelving 28/06/11

Quickspan is the perfect solution for manually storing small to medium size products.

It is easy to assemble and increadibly strong and sturdy. It is designed the same way as pallet racking: with upright frames and horizontal beams, but is lighter duty and suitable for hand loading rather than loading with a fork truck. Chipboard or steel shelving is used for decking.

Fill in the quick quote form and we will get back to you with our best price in minutes.


Warehouse Safety 24/06/11

We have just added new products to the Racking Protection section of the site, look here for great prices on Column Guards, Narrow Aisle Column Guards, Heavy Duty Column Guards, Modular Rack End Barriers and Tubular Rack End Barriers.


Timber Decking 15/06/11

We now sell Timber Decking levels and Wire Mesh Decking  at great prices look in the accessories section of our site.


Clip Together Shelving 01/06/11

We are offering great discounts on Clip Together Shelving an extremely easy to assemble medium duty shelving suitable for loads up to 200kg/UDL per shelf.  Each bay comes with 5 shelves and come with joining plates if you are connecting more than 1 bay.


Update 20/05/11

An exceptionally busy few weeks for us has included used pallet racking deliveries to Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London, North East, Scotland and Wales.  Our longspan shelving continues to be a best seller.


Quick Quote Forms 19/05/11

Use our Quick Quote Forms for our best price on pallet racking, longspan racking, shelving if you’re not sure what you need just fill in as much information as you can and we will get straight back to you.


Used/Second hand Pallet Racking Update 15/05/11


We currently have large amounts of

Apex Beams, 1350mm , 2300mm , 2700mm

Apex Frames, 900mm depth and 1100mm depth

Dexion Speedlock Beams, 1150mm , 1350mm , 2260mm , 2300mm , 2500mm , 2625mm , 2800mm , 3300mm

Dexion Speedlock Frames, 900mm depth and 1100mm depth

Link 51 Beams, 1350mm 2550mm , 2700mm , 2755mm , 2455mm

Link 51 Frames, 900mm depth

Dexion P90 Beams, 2300mm , 3300mm , 3400mm

Dexion P90 Frames, 1100m depth

Stow Beams, 2700mm

Stow Frames, 900mm depth 1100mm depth

Redirack Beams, 2650mm , 3400mm

Redirack Frames, 1100mm depth, 900mm depth

Hilo Rackplan Beams, 2700mm

Hilo Rackplan Frames, 900mm depth

Hilo Premierrack Beams, 2625mm

Hilo Premierack Frames, 900mm depth