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Locking Pin

Are Locking Pins Needed on Pallet Racking?

When setting up pallet racking systems, customers often ask about the purpose of the ‘clips’ or ‘pins’ that join the connector on the beam to the front face of the upright frame. The primary function of the locking pin (or beam lock) is to prevent accidental movement of pallet racking beams by the forklift truck. Locking pins are small but essential components that secure your beams, preventing unintended disassembly and improving safety. Let’s delve into why locking pins are so important.

The locking pin is a small yet strong device that locks the pallet racking beams in position.  These locking pins are designed to meet industry standards set by organisations like the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA). They are specifically designed to prevent the beam from dislodging when knocked from underneath, but also to break in the event of a more serious impact when an excessive amount of pressure is applied. This can result in limiting the damage of a localised accident to a few pallets rather than a more serious full pallet racking collapse. 

We often see nuts and bolts being used as an alternative (or in addition) to the beam locks supplied by the manufacturer. These should never be used as they are not designed to break under the same pressure. This could result in the collapse of your whole pallet racking run. If the beam does not dislodge the result will be to destroy the upright in the area of the beam connector which can result in a whole upright buckling and collapsing which in turn results in all the beams in that bay falling and rotating against the next upright down the aisle causing this to also collapse and so on. The ultimate result could be a chain reaction collapse along a full run of racking which can be catastrophic and very costly to replace.

When you purchase new or used pallet racking beams with Shelving & Racking we always include beam locks free of charge and we always hold stock of beam locks for all major pallet racking systems available for quick dispatch!

To summarise, the use of locking pins is a fundamental aspect of warehouse safety and racking stability. While their small size might make them easy to overlook, they play a crucial role in keeping the integrity of your storage systems.

Locking pins are an indispensable component in the safety and effectiveness of your warehouse pallet racking. Contact us today to order yours on 0800 612 3210.

Used Pallet Racking

Understanding Anti-Collapse Mesh: Is It Right for Your Space?

Safety is crucial in any workplace, and warehouses are no exception. Warehouse accidents caused by falling objects make up a large percentage of yearly workplace injuries. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 11% of workers overall reported this kind of injury. 

Our anti-collapse mesh plays an important safety role in warehouses by preventing pallets or loose items from being pushed through the racks . Gaining a better understanding of anti-collapse mesh will allow you to decide if it is right for your space.

Key Benefits of Anti-Collapse Mesh

  • Safety First: Our anti-collapse mesh is all about making the workspace safer. It stops pallets and loose goods from falling and causing accidents.

  • Preventing Accidents: Warehouses are busy places where item can easily get knocked over or misplaced. Our anti-collapse mesh reduces the chances of accidents and keeps the workspace safer.

  • Protecting Goods: It’s not just about people; anti-collapse mesh also looks out for your products. It can prevent goods from falling and getting damaged.

  • Easy to Add: Installing our anti-collapse mesh is simple, we can provide a quick quote to supply and install, with minimal disruption to your business. We stock a full range of brackets and connectors so we can fix to all manufacturers pallet racking or shelving systems.

  • Customisable: You can get anti-collapse mesh that fits your storage racks perfectly, no matter the size or shape.

Do You Need Anti-Collapse Mesh?

Understanding anti-collapse mesh and if it right for your space will depend on a few things:

  • Warehouse Activity: Think about what you do in your warehouse. If you are storing on pallet racking or high shelving systems there is always a risk of falls. Our anti-collapse mesh creates a strong physical barrier to prevent items falling and being pushed through.

  • Keeping People Safe: If your employees work close to the storage racks, installing anti-collapse mesh where pallet racking backs onto pedestrian walkways is essential.

Pallet racking anti-collapse mesh is a valuable safety feature in any warehouse environment. By preventing items from falling off the racking and causing accidents, it protects both employees and goods. The ease of installation and customisation options make it a practical solution for enhancing workplace safety.

If you’re looking to create a safer and more secure working environment in your warehouse consider anti-collapse mesh alongside other warehouse safety products such as column guards and rack end barriers integrated into a comprehensive health and safety program.  Speak to a member of our sales team today to discuss your requirements.

Some further government guidance on warehouse safety can be found here