SpeedRack pallet racking beam



Product Description

SpeedRack pallet racking beam

SpeedRack pallet racking beam are part of our versatile pallet racking system. Beams are available in a wide range of lengths and load capacities. All beams are supplied with 2 beam locks.
SpeedRack frames, timber decks, support bars and column guards are also available, creating a great value new heavy duty storage option for any warehouse or industrial environment.

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Up to 45% discount available

Discount will be applied to the SpeedRack beam list price at the checkout dependent on total order value.


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1350mm, 2250mm, 2700mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 3900mm

Loading Capacity

1000 Kg UDL, 2000 Kg UDL, 2000 Kg UDL, 3000 Kg UDL

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