Used Pallet Racking Offer- 5 bays of Link 51

Available Now Used Link 51 Pallet Racking

We currently have huge amounts of top-quality used Link 51 pallet racking, a  popular British made system. We have large quantities of all common sizes, ready for quick dispatch.

Our upright frames are up to 10,000mm and can be braced to meet your specific requirements, whether 900mm or 1100mm deep, or custom sizes if required. All our used frames come pre-assembled and include footplates.

Our selection of beams includes standard sizes of 2700mm x 2t and 2250mm x 2t. Should you require different dimensions, we’re here to accommodate your needs. We supply all our used beams with standard beam locks.

In addition to racking components, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories to complement your industrial racking system. We have wire mesh decking suitable for various racking setups, as well as column guards, pallet support bars, and rack end barriers.

If you need racking other than Link 51, we also have in stock  Dexion, Hilo, Apex, and PSS, and many others. If you’re unsure about the specifics of your current storage system, our knowledgeable team can help you identify it, ensuring that we provide fully compatible components.

For enquiries, quotes, or to explore your options, reach out to us now at 0800 612 3210 or send us an enquiry. We’re here to provide you with competitive pricing for used pallet racking and to discuss how we can optimise your storage needs.