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Wire Mesh Security Cage

Wire Mesh Security Cages: What Are They?

Wire mesh security cages serve a variety of functions in warehouses, factories, and other commercial buildings. What are they? Their main role is typically to enhance safety and security. In this blog, we will explore the different types of secure cages and propose several potential uses for them. If you are considering a security cage for your business, give us a call on 0800 612 33210 to discuss your requirements.

What Are Wire Mesh Security Cages?

Comprised of panels, posts, and doors, our security cages or steel partitions create restricted access areas for quarantined goods, hazardous substances, or high-value items.

A well designed system with a strong focus on security. The wire mesh cages consist of steel mesh panels made from 2.8mm wire mesh, available in 50x50mm or 25x25mm mesh apertures. These panels are welded to a 20x20mm box section frame, providing structural rigidity. The panels are then secured to 60x60mm posts using an easy-to-use clip that holds them firmly in place.

The three primary uses for security cages are:

  1. Security cages for high-value items
  2. Aerosol cages (gas bottle security cages)
  3. Machinery guarding (steel partitioning around areas with potentially hazardous machinery)

Security Cages for High Value Items

Unfortunately, theft can be an issue that you or your customers may encounter in warehouse spaces. The most common application for our wire mesh cages is to secure high-value items or assets, such as forklifts.

The fully modular system allows for the creation of cages in any required size, offering various door and lock options to meet different security needs. Our lock partner, provides several options ranging from a standard key lock mechanism to digital locks on one side with a quick-release mechanism on the other.

Aerosol Cages

Aerosol cages, also known as gas bottle security cages, feature smaller aperture panels. These are specifically designed to store pressurised canisters, such as deodorant cans. The smaller mesh aperture helps prevent container fragments from escaping and causing harm in the event of an explosion. These cages are essential for meeting the requirements of most insurance companies when storing pressurised containers.

The primary difference between the standard system and our aerosol solution is the mesh aperture. Instead of the regular 50mm x 50mm mesh, we use 25mm x 25mm mesh. This design complies with the RC19 recommendations for the storage of aerosol products.

Machinery Guards

Machinery in factory spaces clearly presents a potential hazard to anyone with access to the factory. An effective way to prevent accidents and ensure safety is to install mesh partitions around specific machinery or areas that pose a risk. You can further secure these enclosed areas with locking mechanisms, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access.

The System

At Shelving & Racking, we provide mesh partitions and cages designed as a fully modular system:

  • Panels available in three standard widths (700mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm) and two heights (1100mm and 2200mm), which can be mixed and matched to meet your specific needs.
  • The  standard 2200mm high posts come with the necessary fixtures and fittings for panel attachment.
  • Option of both swing and sliding doors, available as single or double doors.
  • Additionally, you can select from a variety of add-ons, including locking options, a post splice kit to increase height, and even the option to add a roof.

Of course, our sales team are always on hand to assist with creating your cage. You can send your enquiry by email to or call us on 0800 612 3210.