warehouse storage equipment

How much warehouse storage equipment do I need?

If you’ve never bought warehouse storage equipment before, or you have a new storage area and don’t know how to calculate how much pallet racking you can fit in it, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs.

If you can send us some or all of the following information, we can propose a layout that will suit your space and then provide you with a low priced quote for materials, delivery and installation (if required):

  • What size are your pallets- length, depth, maximum height and maximum weight
  • What size is your storage area- length, width and height
  • What is the turning circle (required aisle width) and maximum height of your forklift/reach truck
  • How many pallets are you looking to store
  • Are there any obstacles that we need to work around- doorways, ramps, emergency exits, pillars, hanging lighting etc

You might already have warehouse racking that you would like to make use of, let us know what make it is (Dexion, Apex, Link 51, Redirack etc) and we will do our best to supply compatible racking. If you don’t know the manufacturer of your industrial racking, send us a photo and we will let you know.

We can also supply any additional materials that you might need such as timber or wire mesh decking, column guards and rack end barriers, pallet support bars and even warehouse steps.

We can deliver and install at any UK mainland address. We have recently completed warehouse racking jobs in Keighley, Swindon, Preston and Dundee, so wherever you are in the UK we can help you.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 or send us as many details as you have on our enquiry form, we will reply to you quickly and help you to get the warehouse storage equipment that you need.