used industrial pallet racking

Used industrial pallet racking at the best prices

We currently have huge quantities of used industrial pallet racking, in a wide range of sizes, duties and from all leading manufacturers. In particular, we have large quantities of the following beam sizes:

Dexion Speedlock 2667mm x 2 tonnes UDL

Dexion Speedlock 1372mm x 1 tonne UDL

Dexion P90 2700mm x 1 tonne UDL

Link 51 2700mm x 2 tonne UDL

Link 51 2625mm x 2 tonne UDL

Link 51 2900mm x 2 tonne UDL

Stow 2700mm x 2 tonne UDL

PSS 2700mm x 2 tonne UDL

Redirack 2700mm x 3 tonne UDL

Warehouse racking frames are available in standard depths of 900mm or 1100mm, but other sizes can be made on request.

We also have huge stocks of new and used timber and wire mesh decking to suit most standard pallet racking configurations. Column guards, rack end barriers and pallet support bars are in stock and can be dispatched quickly.

**We still have a few spaces available for deliveries of used industrial pallet racking before Christmas, particularly if you are close to Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Basingstoke or Worcester.**

Please call us on 0800 612 3210 to discuss your options or send us an enquiry and we will get back to you quickly.